We offer a comprehensive real estate sales service, which takes place in four phases.

In the first phase, we take a tour of the property, where we look at the actual condition of the property and then we review the legal status of the property. We take a detailed look at all available data related to the property (Land Registry Extract and GURS data), construction documentation, check access to the property and everything else necessary for the sale of the property. We take on the role of a consultant and help prepare the property for sale, we also offer legal support from the law firm with which we cooperate (arranging an easement agreement, obtaining documentation from the archives, obtaining a use permit, etc.).

In the second phase, we prepare the property for the market or sale, do a market analysis, determine the market value of the property, prepare an ad and start advertising the property. We advertise on various portals in Slovenia and abroad.

In the third phase, the first contact with potential purchasers begins. We provide real-time and up-to-date telephone, written and electronic communication with clients, we organize meetings and visits of the property. The first meeting is always at our business premises, where we first meet the purchaser, discuss the purchase of real estate and acquaint him with the legal status of the property, then go to see the property, where we acquaint the purchaser with the actual situation. We get the best purchaser and the best price in the market.

In the fourth phase, the legal sale procedure begins, we draw up a sale agreement, followed by the signing of the sale agreement, we represent you in the real estate tax assessment procedure and we take care of the payment of the entire purchase price. We take care of the overall security and the correct order of events when selling a property.