Legal Consultation

In addition to the sale or purchase/lease itself, other life situations are often identified for which it is necessary to find a transitional legal solution. We work with  reputable lawyers who answer all your legal questions related to real estate.

We advise and arrange for you:

  • composition of all types of legal transactions (sale, gift, easement, etc.),
  • arranging the entire land registry issues and preparing various types of land registry documents (cancellation permits, easement of the route, usufruct, land registry permit, etc.),
  • legal regulation of access to infrastructure lines (water supply, electricity, etc.),
  • inspection and/or obtaining a building, use permit,
  • consultation and representation in sucession proceedings,
  • review of documents/documentation related to the real estate,
  • entry in the Land Register,
  • arrangement of condominium property/preparation of condominium agreement,
  • obtaining certificates from official records,
  • legal advice.

If you have a legal question, contact us.